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CACSA Flexitanks
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CACSA ´s goal is not only to manufacture first quality flexitanks¨; it also provides the whole spectrum of services that have to do with them. This implies the fitting of the container and the filling of the Flexitank itself.


Every 30,000 kg container that arrives to CACSA´s facility is carefully checked to be classified “Able for Flexitank”. 30.000 kg  Preinforced containers are inspected by our fitting staff, looking for any kind of breach, splinters or dangerous substance stains.

CACSA´s Quality Management personnel is in charge of detecting rare odors, characteristic of dangerous substances that could harm the cargo.
The fitting is the complete and final work to get the container ready to house the Flexitank.

  • First the container is lined with polyethilene, with safety pads in the corners.
  • Wood-free bulkhead is installed on the door frame, supported by steel bars.
  • Seal and caution labels are finally applied and the flexitank is ready to be filled.
Every CACSA Flexitank is filled in presence of one person from our technical staff, anywhere the operation could take place. CACSA goes wherever and whenever the flexitank is filled.  We give our costumers the certainty that the whole process is fully supervised.
CACSA offers initial advising for final costumers that have no experience with Flexitanks.  Anywhere in the whole World, one person from our staff  goes to give advising about the unfilling of Flexitanks.
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