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CACSA Flexitanks
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CACSA begins in 1996 manufacturing PVC Flexitanks; a very reliable product, a truly workhorse during the first years of CACSA. With the appeareance of new standards in the international market, CACSA took a new path beginning to manufacture a brand new model, the multilayer Superbulk  polyethilene Flexitank.
PVC Flexitanks
Single layer PVC Flexitanks are presently used exclusively for fruit juice transport. There are two single layer models; The widely used 16.000 liter PVC Flexitank and the Self Portable Flexitank speifically designed for reefer containers. Lemon juice, cranberry juice and any liquid that needs to be refrigerated can be transported with the Self Portable Flexitank, up to 15.000 liters.
Polyethilene Multilayer Superbulk Flexitanks
With the new Polyethilene Flexitank CACSA took a leading place in bulk liquids market. This is a CACSA development to give the right answer to market´s new demands. Polyethilene Multilayer Superbulk Flexitanks are specifically made for oil and wine transport.
There are two Superbulk Flexitank models. One that replaces the  PVC Flexitanks and a second one with Oxygen Barrier.
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