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CACSA Flexitanks
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CACSA Flexitank?

Flexitanks are flexible bags used for bulk liquid transport in dry containers and reefers containers. CACSA Flexitanks can usually 16.000 and 24.000 liters capable of bulk liquids.
CACSA Flexitanks can be operated by a single operator during filling and dischargin process that means a significant advantage compared to others bulk liquid transportation sistems.

Filling and Discharging

Both,  are one operator procedures and can be completed in ranges that may vary between 20 and 40 minutes.

What kind of liquids are CACSA Flexitanks used for?

CACSA Flexitanks are used for any kind of non hazardous liquids. CACSA has a Wide experience with wine, fruit juices, refined vegetable oils and biodiesel. There is no limit about non hazardous liquids for CACSA Flexitanks. Just let us know about your needs so we can give you an answer.

What materials are they made of?

During years, our fully used PVC Flexitank has been a true workhorse. It´s a product made of nylon fabric covered with PVC, which gives its waterproof properties.
Our newest  product, the multilayer Polyethilene Flexitank,  is  the answer to the world´s  bulk liquid market demands.  Every CACSA Flexitank is made with first quality raw materials certified by International Institutions  that control food supply traffic.

Is it re-usable?

Absolutely not. CACSA Flexitanks are disposable. When they get to destination are disposed for destruction and deposited in the local dump site. This gives you the certainty that all our Flexitanks are brand new, totally contamination free.

Is it reciclable?

Absolutely yes. All materials used  in our Flexitanks are totally  recyclable for any other use.

Filling and Discharge

Both procedures are carachterized by its simplicity. The filling is supervised by one of our staff technicians. In the same manner, discharge does not imply any difficulty. Even so, CACSA  offers as optional service, initial advising for costumers that do not have experience with flexitanks.

Cost of a Flexitank

Because of its versatility, CACSA Flexitanks are much more efficient in cost 

benefit relationship than any other bulk liquid transport systems. Ask for a quotation acording to your needs.
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